Friday, April 15, 2011

The reno..... nearly over

Hi everyone, I'm back after such a long long break (said more than a little sheepishly). The last 12 months have been consumed by living through a major renovation which, if I had written this post last week, would have delightedly said is all behind us now. 

BUT at 2am earlier this week some loud cracking sounds woke us and we realised that part of our bedroom ceiling had given way (think Chicken Little). Today we welcome back  the tradies to remove and rebuild our ceiling. A shame the room had only been painted 7 weeks ago. Sighhhh....

 The best part about the reno for the whole family (and not just me!) is that finally all eating surfaces are now clear of my craft "crap". I have been totally spoiled and indulged and have my very own retreat at the far end of the house (with its own key lol).

Unsurprisingly, my new craft room rapidly lost it's tardis-like qualities as I collated nearly all my stashes into the one room. Heaven forbid my husband try calculating the monetry cost of my long term obsession - I could see him watching (with some amazement, or was that horror) the significant quantities of paper, rubber, canvases and the like proceeding past. 

However my long suffering younger son will have to suffer a tad longer whilst my mixed media collection overstays its holiday visa in his wardrobe until I free up some more room (I  have "generously" left him 1/4 of his wardrobe for his own use!!!).

I have also managed to spill over into half the adjoining rumpus room which the younger generation foolishly expected to be theirs 24/7. This is where I will be holding my classes. Now in case your wondering, the colour scheme in the new wing looks remarkably like Sahara Sand and Real Red! That's me, rather chameleon-like in red in front of the red doors. You could say I am in a red phase at the moment.

My creative therapy wasn't entirely neglected over the last 12 months, just my blog posts. Over the next few weeks I look forward to sharing some of last years creations with you (and hopefully inspire you). I participated in 2 rounds of ESAD Secret Sister Swaps, and am involved in an ongoing monthly ATC swap. I certainly enjoyed making (and receiving) them. Of course there will be plenty of new creations too!

There we go - it wasn't hard to post at all! Let's see how long until my next one. Many thanks for visiting and I promise my next post will have some inspiration for you AND in the very near future!
Cheers, Jenn

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